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SIS Self-teach Tools & Guidance Documents

The Species Information Service (SIS) is the central data management system used by IUCN to store and manage species accounts and assessments for publication on the IUCN Red List. Access to SIS is through user accounts set up by the IUCN Red List Unit.

SIS tools, guidance documents and resources are available to download from this page.

SIS self-teach tools
SIS user guidance documents
SIS taxonomy request templates
SIS user account requests
SIS announcements



SIS self-teach tools

This tool show guides users through SIS, the central database used by IUCN to store and manage species accounts and assessments for publication on the IUCN Red List.

Two versions of the SIS Self-teach tool are available:

  • A MS Power Point show (July 2012; 8 MB). Available in English only.
  • If you do not have access to MS Power Point, this tool is also available as a PDF (July 2012; 6.5 MB).

Please note that SIS is continually being updated and new data fields and tools have become available in the system sicne the self-teach tool was created. However, this is still a useful tool to help first-time SIS users navigate through SIS.


SIS user guidance documents

SIS is a permissions-based system. Most users have access restricted to editing specific draft assessments (e.g., assessors), but some users have access to a range of data management tools (e.g., some project managers and RLA Coordinators). While the SIS self-teach tool is useful for first-time users, project managers and RLA Coordinators may find the documents below useful for some of the common SIS tasks involved in managing assessment projects. Note that these are working documents and may change over time.



Taxonomy requests in SIS

Red List Authorities may request taxonomy to be added to SIS or changes to existing taxonomy in SIS. It is important that all taxonomy requests to the Red List Unit are supported by taxonomic publications (e.g., new descriptions or taxonomy revisions published in appropriate journals). The IUCN Red List is not a taxonomic journal and cannot publish taxonomy without this being officially published elsewhere first.

Use the following link to download a zip file containing MS Excel templates that can be used to request taxonomic additions or changes in SIS: SIS taxonomy requests templates.


SIS user account requests

RLA Coordinators and project managers may request the Red List Unit to provide SIS access to allow colleagues to work directly on draft assessments. For this, the Red List Unit requires some basic information to set up new user accounts. 

Please use the following link to download a template for recording the required details and email this to staff in the Red List Unit: SIS new user request template.


SIS announcements

We aim to keep all users of SIS informed of any news and updates to the service through an online announcement page.

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