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November 2021

  • In SIS, on the Assessment Information Page, a new Acknowledgements text field was added beneath the Assessment Credits fields. Use this optional field to acknowledge contributions to the assessment (e.g., from donors, partners or specific people that made the assessment possible). Any text entered into this field will appear in the published assessment (just before the bibliography section).



May 2020

  • On the Taxon Home Page in SIS, the Assessments panel is arranged into separate tabs for Red List Assessments, RLI Assessments (which can now be done separately from a Red List assessment), and Use/Trade.



November 2019

  • On the Taxon Home Page in SIS, the Assessments panel is now split into different sections for Global assessments and Regional assessments.


September 2019

  • New Text-based fields have been added to species pages in SIS.


June 2019

  • The Attachments tool in SIS now clearly displays the number of data fields with attachments SIS, without users needing to open the tool to check this.
  • Assessment pages in SIS now display the Calculated Category & Criteria below the toolbar. This automatically updates as edits to data fields are saved and the Criteria Calculator recalculates the assessment.



December 2017

  • The Submissions Queue in SIS now has more options available to sort the data.


August 2017

  • The taxonomy information for taxa in SIS has now been modified to record Taxonomic Treatment (Recognized, Not Recognized, Under Review, Pre-1500 Extinction, Not Assigned, Unresolvable), and Nomenclatural Treatment (Accepted, Synonym, Uncertain, Undescribed). Access to these fields is restricted to SIS Administrators only. For more information, please contact the Red List Unit.


March 2017

  • Users can now log into SIS Connect using their SIS credentials
  • SIS Connect now allows working sets to be exported from SIS (in the SIS Connect format) for use in external systems.



October 2016

  • Non-English language assessments now accepted in SIS and SIS Connect: assessments are now accepted in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.


September 2016

  • A new field has been added to allow Institution credits to be added to assessments. The intention of this field is to acknowledge institutions that have provided substantial support to large Red List assessment projects.
  • The Manage References panel now includes a section that stores recently used references to allow quick access to these when adding the same references to multiple assessments.


March 2016

  • SIS Connect has now been released: SIS Connect is an application that allows assessments from external databases to be imported into SIS.



September 2015

  • The internet browser issue has now been fixed: the recent issues caused by updated versions of internet browsers have now been fixed. SIS should now be accessible from your usual internet browsers. Thank you for your patience over this issue.


July 2015

  • Problem accessing SIS with Firefox version 39.0: the recently updated version of Mozilla Firefox (version 39.0) is incompatible with SIS. If your Firefox automatically updates to version 39.0, you will not be able to log into SIS; instead you will receive an error message. While we investigate this issue, you should either go to the Mozilla website to download and install the previous version (version 38.0.5), or use Google Chrome to access SIS. If this still creates any issues, please contact the Red List Unit.


June 2015

  • New Red List Index fields are now included in SIS, which can be found under 'Red List Assessments -> Red List Index'. For more information on using these fields, please contact the Red List Unit.



February 2015

  • Two new data field views have been added to the list of data views in the panel on the left side of the assessment page:
    • Minimum Requirements view: this displays the required and recommended data fields only, displayed in a tabular format.
    • Minimum Requirements List view: this displays the required and recommended data fields only, displayed on one page with a scroll bar.



April 2014

  • An Integrity Check tool is now available in SIS to automatically check that all required data fields have been completed before assessments are submitted. This tool can be used on individual assessments and on all assessments within a working set. Work is underway to integrate the integrity check system with the Submissions Queue. Please contact the Red List Unit for more information.


January 2014

  • A new Use and Trade module has been released. Use/Trade assessments can now be carried out separately from the Red List assessment. More details and help on this to follow. Please contact the Red List Unit for more information.



November 2013

  • In the Common Name Editor panel, the list of languages now shows the English, French and Spanish options at the top of the drop-down list.
  • In the Habitats Classification Scheme codes, the following changes have been made to the Suitability field:
    • the default is automatically set to 'Suitable'; and
    • the code 'Possible' is now changed to 'Unknown'.
  • In the Threats Classification Scheme codes, the Timing field now uses the default 'Ongoing'.
  • The Biogeographic Realms field now has a link to a map of the realms, for easy access and use.
  • For Country Occurrence, LME and FAO:
    • the Presence option of 'Extinct' is now 'Extinct Post-1500'; and
    • the Origin option of 'Pre-historically introduced' has been deleted and records re-assigned to 'Introduced'.


September 2013

  • Working sets now can be searched by typing the name in the search box at the top of the Working Sets panel. This makes it much easier than having to scroll down the list to find a particular working set.

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