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Guidelines & Brochures — Global

Green Status of Species Guidelines and Assessment Materials

For an overview of the Green Status of Species, please refer to the IUCN Green Status of Species page.

Guidance documents

  • Green Status of Species standard Version 2.0 [available in English, French and Spanish]
  • Instructions for conducting a Green Status of Species assessment [ver. 2.0 available in English, and ver. 1.0 available in French and Spanish]
  • Green Status of Species Background and Guidelines Version 1.0 [available in English, French and Spanish]


Assessment materials

Work on a Green Status of Species module in SIS is currently underway, and ultimately assessments will be conducted in SIS. If you wish to conduct a Green Status assessment before then, however, you can use the materials below.

There are two versions of the assessment workbook available: one that uses the default weights to make species recovery calculations, and one that uses fine-resolution weights. To determine which to use for a given species, see the Background and Guidelines section 4.3.


Note that some functionality of these workbooks may be lost if you are using a version of Excel older than Excel 2010. We are working to create a compatible version, and these will be made available as soon as possible.


Completed assessments

Green Status assessments are displayed on the Red List website alongside Red List assessments, providing information about species’ extinction risk, recovery status, and conservation impact in one central place.


Current process for submitting assessments (23 June 2023)

We are currently building the Green Status of Species module in SIS so that assessments can be easily completed, submitted and published. Until the SIS module is complete, we cannot publish any more Green Status assessments. However, those interested individuals and groups can carry out assessments and reviews in order to upload and publish those assessments as soon as the module is working. If you plan to do this, please sign up here so that we can let you know as soon as the SIS module is ready. Contact Molly Grace  with questions about, or for assistance with, the current assessment and review process.


Preliminary assessments

181 preliminary Green Status of Species assessments were conducted during the development of the method, representing a diverse set of regions and biomes.


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